Pedicabs are available for your large event

We have the tools to transport our vehicle to you, or you can come and pick em up to save on transport costs.

Pedicab and the movies
We can get our Cabs where you need them
larger groups can be transported as well
Put our PediCabs
in the Movies

* Over the past few years it has been amazingly fun to work with Industry professionals in the Filming business.



per hr 1-4 PediCabs


per hr 5 or more PediCabs

* Shipping Costs

Truck Delivery

$1 per mile plus

$189 per day for rental vehicle


Client pick-up; to submit REFUNDABLE check payable to The Los Angeles PediCab Company for $500 per PediCab to cover Liability insurance deductable. To be submitted upon delivery/pickup.


"Transport cost may decrease based on distance and amount of PediCabs rented." Ask our sales Rep about price adjustments.


Driver Delivery

$3 per mile per PediCab

If we can ride the PediCabs to your nearby location you save.


Check below for order form.

Group Transport

Get your groups to and from your Event 100% green. We'll get your guests around in style.


"Tipping is Encouraged"



per hr.


*Delivery costs may apply*