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pedicab in Santa Monica, rickshaw, transport

Schedule a pick up to get you home after dark. Our Pedicab taxi service will get you there in style if you need a designated driver to get you home from the Bar or Restaurant.

The moments that mean a lot #familyfirst. Invite your loved ones to enjoy a refreshing ride on the bike trails of California. Enjoy the #beaches while you savor the sounds of the Ocean with those you cherish.


If you have a friend or relative with limited mobility, give us a call, we can get them to places they won't expereienced with just an ordinary yellow cab. Our Bike trail tours are the best and our customers are raving about how we got their grandparents back on the Beach.

Seniors, need a lift?
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When you advertise on a pedicab, your brand becomes more than a passive piece. Pedicab Sponsors become part of a unique experience that attracts attention the way only a rickshaw can. Pedicab ad campaigns blur the line between outdoor, ambient, experiential and direct marketing by interacting with your customers on a more intimate level. The Los Angeles Pedicab Company manages that experience from the ground up.


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pedicab in Santa Monica, rickshaw, transport

Rickshaw Service provided includes pedicab Driver