I Wanna Ride!

Prices starting at...

$2.50 1/4 mile

Per person In Santa Monica and nearby areas Only

Walking is fun, and sometimes very tiring. Our PediCabs are at your service for just a short distance, too. Click HERE for group Shuttle service at your location?

Tour the City

$75 per hr.

Max 2 persons

You and your sweetheart can tour the city slow and easy, while shopping.  Your #Pedicab driver will wait.

In a recovering economy, price and quality are everything. "We do encourage tipping." City transport to any of the surrounding cities. Enjoy the ride.

Weather you have a movie shoot, wedding, or group tour, we can get our fleet to your door step. Our sales reps are at your service to assist you in finding the right price to fit your budget.


Students from all over the world, show us you are a superior student and save. Available to students currently enrolled in any grade level. Ask your parents to bring your transcript or a recent report card that shows your GPA, and you are a winner.

Why pay more?

Good Student Discount

$20 hr.

one guest allowed

w/ transcript showing 4.0GPA

Pro & Private Packages available


click here for a quote.