The more details you have about your event, the better we may serve you. Please take a moment and lay out your event.


  • Where you will have your event?

The streets you plan to have your event are crucial to what type of cab can be provided.

  • How many people you plan to service?

This wil give us an idea as to how many Pedicabs will be needed.

Transport your guests from one place to another rickshaw / limousine shuttle.

Let us ride your friends to your door after they find a parking space two blocks away from your house party or wedding reception.

Hop on hop off.

Fill a pedicab trailer with your product and drivers will hand them out to people

Get your brand into the hands of the people. Coupons, pamphlets or samples.

Bride and Groom transport

  • Will you want to design the Rickshaw?

Free Advertisement spaces are filling up fast, everyone is looking at our PediCabs

Our services can also include design services, or we can just get it there early and you may do it yourself.

Will you need blankets?

Let us take your ideas and customize your event cab(s)

Pedicab drivers get just as much attention as the pedicabs themselves – why not dress them to represent your brand or color scheme? Whether it’s a logo tee or a head-to-toe costume, you suit them up.

  • Do you need a food run?

Our drivers will go to all of your fav restaurants and pick up your order and bring it right too your door.

Restaurants hire us to deliver on those overage days.


Call us with any questions. Operators are standing by to serve you.


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